Professional Teeth Cleaning – (Prophylaxis)

Prophylaxis, the technical term for teeth cleaning, is an important part of your oral health regime. Not only does it brighten your smile, it’s an effective treatment to help prevent gingivitis, periodontal disease, and dental cavities.

Our team at Higson Dental Group will recommend a cleaning schedule appropriate for you to keep your oral cavity in good health. Some of the benefits of this procedure include:

Removing harmful plaque and tartar that accumulates above and below the gum line. Even the most diligent home brusher will not be able to clean these hard to reach places. Our dental team is trained to take care of your mouth, remove harmful plaque and tartar with specialized dental equipment and wash away potentially damaging bacteria.

Brightening your smile by removing unsightly stains and discoloration on your teeth. Regular prophylaxis will keep your mouth looking healthy.

Cleaning Your Teeth Improves Your Bad Breath

Fresh breath comes with the routine removal of harmful debris and bacteria. Often bad breath, or halitosis, develop with the onset of periodontal disease. When the mouth is professionally cleaned, hygienists can rid the hard to reach places of rotting food particles, plaque, and tartar, thus keeping the mouth fresh and healthy.

Our dental hygienists are true professionals and experts in prophylaxis. This is a core part of our dental practice as it promotes proactive attention and care to your oral health. We recommend this treatment twice a year as a preventative measure. For those with an active periodontal disease, we may recommend prophylaxis every three to four months. While we can’t reverse gum disease, this treatment can help stop the progression.

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