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higson dental root canal“I’d rather have a root canal…” While there is definitely a negative conation behind getting a root canal, the reality is that root canal therapy is one of the most common and simple dental procedures and not nearly as bad as you may think. It can also be the difference between keeping your natural tooth and having to get your tooth extracted. In fact, according to the Canadian Dental Association, a root canal can be the “only viable option to retain a natural tooth that has suffered severe damage or become infected.”

?  Root Canal Symptoms and Signs of an Infected Root Canal

One of the top questions patients ask us is “what are the signs and symptoms of an infected root canal?” There are a number of things to watch for that could signify that they have an infected root canal. If your root canal is infected it’s important to make an appointment with an experienced dentist near you so that they can assess the damage and get the infection treated before it is able to spread or cause worse damage.

progression of a root canal infection - best root canal dentist in Grande Prairie AB

Some telltale root canal symptoms include:

  • tooth sensitivity to hot and cold
  • ongoing tooth pain
  • root canal tooth pain
  • increased pain when biting down
  • tenderness around the tooth
  • swelling around the tooth
  • dental abscess
  • chronic bad breath
  • ongoing bad taste in the moth
  • tooth darkening
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When you come in for an appointment, we look for signs of an infected root canal, pulpitis, or tooth infection to make sure root canal treatment is the right procedure for you. If a tooth is too compromised and a root canal is not going to fix the problem, we will find out either during your initial consultation and we may recommend another dental treatment such as a full tooth extraction. This can also happen if a complication arises after root canal treatment. This, however, is very rare. If you do experience any kind of problem with your root canal procedure, our team here at Higson Dental Group Grande Prairie are readily available to help.

Once the root canal treatment ends, much like a dental filling, you will be able to drive home and return to your daily routine.

Root Canal Before and After Photos

If a root canal procedure is required it can greatly reduce pain and potentially save the tooth. As seen in the before and after molar root canal images below.

Higson Dental Group Root Canal Before    Higson Dental Group Root Canal After


anatomy of a tooth - higson dental root canal treatment in Grande Prairie AB

?  What Causes a Root Canal Infection?

To understand what causes the need for a dental root canal, it’s important to understand the anatomy of the tooth first. The inside of the tooth contains a collection of blood vessels and nerves called the pulp. The pulp is soft tissue that helps to build and maintain the outer tooth known as the enamel and dentin. When the pulp becomes compromised in any way, it can cause pain and sometimes an infection in the pulp chamber, also known as a root canal infection. If this happens, often root canal treatment is needed to reduce pain and potentially save the tooth.

Some of the most common causes of an infected root canal are:

  • trauma from an injury
  • a deep cavity
  • prolonged tooth decay
  • cracks in the teeth
  • repeated dental procedures
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?  What Happens During Root Canal Treatment?

Modern-day root canal procedures are often less painful and time-consuming than patients initially anticipate. In fact, sometimes root canals can be completed in 1 visit. How long a root canal takes depends on the size of the infection and how many teeth are involved. Root canal procedures involve local anesthesia to numb the area (in other words, you won’t feel any pain!) as we remove the diseased pulp, thoroughly clean the root canal system and seal the tooth. Unless there is a complication, the procedure can be completed within one or two visits and has a better than 90% success rate.

The typical steps of a root canal are:

  1. The dentist will prepare the area with numbing agents in the gum and root of the tooth. They will then isolate the infected tooth with a dental dam.
  2. The dentist will drill a small hole at the top of the tooth to expose the infected pulp chamber and root canal. 
  3. Next, the dentist will remove the tooth pulp from the root canal (this is how the procedure gets its name).
  4. Then the pulp chamber and canal are carefully cleaned and irrigated to remove any bacteria and infected pulp. During this, the pulp chamber and root canal are widened and reshaped to accommodate a filling.
  5. Once clean and dry, an antibiotic is applied to prevent future reinfection. Depending on how severe the infection is the tooth may need to be left open for a day or more to allow it to drain.
  6. Once the dentist is satisfied the infection is completely cleaned out, it can now be filled with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. This material is adhered to the walls of the canal with adhesive cement and is designed to seal it to prevent bacteria from getting in.
  7. Finally, the tooth can now be closed with a crown or permanent filling.

painless root canal in Grande Prairie Alberta

How Much Do Root Canals Cost in Alberta?

The average cost of a root canal in Alberta ranges from $300 to $2000. It will depend largely on what tooth needs to be treated (front tooth, molar, bicuspid). After the root canal treatment near you, it may be necessary to place a dental crown or a filling which will be another additional charge. A dental crown can cost less than $1,000 while a filling can cost less than $500. Complications may arise during or after the root canal treatment which may result in additional charges.

For a look at standard tooth extraction costs in Alberta and the pricing info on common dental practices, visit the Alberta Dental Guide for Dental Fees.

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