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What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is the process of completely restoring all of a mouth’s teeth to their natural appearance and function. Unlike elective procedures or smile makeovers, a full mouth reconstruction is a medically necessary procedure when teeth have been lost, injured or fractured, when teeth have been damaged by acid-erosion or when bite problems have caused jaw pain. The nearby experts at Higson Dental Group are well-equipped to handle any issue you may be having.

How does Dental Reconstruction Work?

Every patient has different needs, so each dental reconstruction will require a different series of procedures. Generally, full mouth reconstruction requires several visits to the dental office and some healing time. The team at Higson Dental Group will determine which combination of procedures is necessary to restore a natural appearance and functionality to your teeth. If necessary, we will refer you to other trusted dental specialists in our network.

Procedures Involved With Full Mouth Reconstruction May Include:

  • Teeth cleaning (prophylaxis) –  At Higson Dental group, our trained dental hygienist experts, will give your teeth a professional cleaning every six months. This prophylaxis deep cleaning will help remove hard calculus from places your toothbrush and floss may easily miss. 
  • Braces – to reposition teeth in preparation for teeth reconstruction surgery.
  • Tooth contouringdental contouring can help to soften the shape of the tooth prior to tooth reconstruction surgery.
  • Jaw repositioning surgery (orthognathic surgery) – repositions the jaw and teeth to line up correctly.
  • Gum tissue contouring – is a procedure that reshapes your gums.
  • Grafting bone or soft tissue – this is done to increase tooth or implant stability.
  • Tooth replacement procedures – temporary or permanent restorative procedures may be needed to prepare the tooth for dental reconstruction:
      • Crownsare used to reinforce badly damaged teeth.
      • Bridgesare designed to fill in the gap and support the natural structure of your mouth.
      • Veneersare bonded directly to the surface of an existing tooth and restores its natural shape, size, and colour.

Dental Reconstruction Before and After Photos

Here are some before and after full mouth reconstruction photos. Full mouth reconstruction restores all of a mouth’s teeth to their natural appearance and function. Let the experienced Higson Dental team help you regain your confidence with your smile through dental reconstruction.

Higson Dental Group Full Mouth Reconstruction Before & After

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