Precision Dentistry

Our clinical team is passionate about dentistry and the evolving opportunities available to patients. We are always learning and training on the latest in advanced technology to make sure you are receiving the best in dental care.

Dental Loupes

The nature of our business is precise and detailed work in delicate, small spaces. To ensure we are as meticulous as possible, many of our clinical team use small microscopes on our glasses, called loupes, to magnify the surgical site. This allows us to complete our microsurgeries with an accurate fit and finish.

Digital Imaging

In certain instances, with your consent, we take a radiograph to evaluate beyond the surface of your mouth. These films allow us to detect cavities, analyze the health of your bone, examine roots and nerves of teeth, diagnose lesions and assess any trauma that may have occurred. We are very discerning about when and which images are taken, and we follow strict guidelines to ensure your safety. We use an advanced digital radiography system that we update regularly. The exposure time is about 90 percent less when compared to traditional radiographs and allows us to zoom in or manipulate an image to get a more precise diagnosis. As well, we are able to store these images on our server and retrieve patient data and transfer images to specialists or insurance companies in a timely manner.

Intraoral Camera

We now have the availability of an intraoral camera, a very small camera that can take direct images of your mouth for clear, precise pictures of your teeth and gums. This technology means fast, well-defined and enlarged images that can give us a better overview of your dental health. More and more patients, especially the younger demographic, are familiar with this technology and are at ease with the advanced imagery, especially since computer monitors are their primary method for processing data. Other benefits include efficient patient filing, so we can pull up your images quickly, store records, transfer copies to insurance companies or print off for your personal needs. And, this fast, efficient diagnosis means less chair-time for all!

Rotary Endodontics

During root canal therapies, we use rotary endodontic files for a more efficient and swifter treatment. The way it works is a small electric motor rotates the endodontic file so there is less instrumentation time and fewer files used during the procedure, which allows for a quicker visit!