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dental sealant near you grande prairie alberta dental clinicWhat is a Dental Sealant?

A dental sealant is a thin, tooth-coloured acrylic coating that is applied to the chewing surface of the tooth to help prevent tooth decay and cavities, reducing the need to get fillings. Acting as a barrier, the sealant bonds into the deep grooves of your tooth and “seals it,” protecting the enamel from plaque, food particles, and other bacteria that brushing and flossing can’t reach. You might be wondering ‘how much do dental sealants cost in Alberta?’ The cost of dental sealants is relatively low, typically somewhere between $40-60 per tooth when paying out of pocket but most insurance companies cover the cost of dental sealants.

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How Long Does A Dental Sealant Procedure Take?

The process is simple and each tooth only takes a few minutes to seal. Sealants last through everyday eating, chewing, and drinking and you won’t need to reapply for several years. The procedure is fairly quick as it only has four basic steps per tooth:

  • Step 1: The tooth is cleaned and dried thoroughly
  • Step 2: At etching solution is carefully brushed onto the tooth
  • Step 3: The liquid dental sealant material is applied to the tooth
  • Step 4: A curing light is held to the tooth to harden the sealant

Once the sealant has hardened you are good to get on with your day as there is no freezing involved with the procedure.

Sealants help prevent tooth decay and we recommend this procedure for both children and adults. The expert team at Grande Prairie’s Higson Dental Group will be happy to discuss your dental sealant treatment options, as well as other preventative dental procedures. We are always accepting new patients, so if you are looking for a new family dentist in the Grande Prairie, AB area contact our office today.

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