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Dentures have come a long way. They aren’t your grandpa’s dentures anymore. We’ve come a long way in the dental industry and are proud to offer affordable modern dentures that can comfortably and beautifully replace your teeth. Whether you are looking for partial dentures, implant dentures or more. If you live in or near Grande Prairie, our team at Higson Dental Group will be happy to explore the denture and implant options available near you, discussing not only the types of dentures that would work best for you but also the cost of dentures at our Alberta dental office.

We understand the physical and emotional challenges that can come with losing your teeth. Our Grande Prairie dentists offer comfortable, affordable, life-like restorations for the replacement of missing teeth. Let us design a denture that will fit securely and effectively while restoring function and beauty to your smile at a cost that is manageable.

Here at Higson Dental Group, we offer several options for dentures and partials including removable and implant-supported prosthetics all near you.

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🦷What Types of Dentures Are Available at Your Alberta Dental Office?

Losing your natural teeth can be emotional and distressing. But with new dental technologies, you can have high-quality dentures that fit comfortably and look good. There are two kinds of fabricated dentures.

partial denture higson dental grande prairie dentistPartial Dentures: Similar to a dental bridge, a partial denture replaces several missing teeth. A person may need partial dentures for their front teeth, partial dentures for their back teeth, or some other combination. At Higson Dental, your top Grande Prairie dentist, we will create the perfect set of dentures for your mouth.

Partial dentures are best for people who still have some of their own teeth. They use a cast framework and molded teeth that attach to natural teeth for support. Dental implants are sometimes used to anchor partial dentures. A denture secured with dental implants helps considerably in preventing bone loss. Because they are only partials they tend to cost less than full dentures or implant dentures.

Full Dentures: These are used to replace all of a person’s upper or lower arch of teeth.

Complete dentures replace a full row of top or bottom teeth. Upper dentures include gum-coloured acrylic and cover the roof of the mouth and bottom dentures curve in the shape of a horseshoe, to give space for the tongue so you can properly eat and talk. Although they do cost more than partial dentures they are still quite an affordable denture option.

implant dentures higson dental dentist near youImplant Dentures: Permanently attached to the jaw using several dental implants, implant secured dentures provide the highest rate of patient satisfaction- and a stable solution.

There are several types of dentures that we offer at our Grande Prairie, Alberta dental office. We will thoroughly assess your oral health during a comprehensive exam, discuss your personal concerns and help you choose the type of denture that is right for you and your budget.

Whenever possible, we will recommend securing your denture or partial denture with dental implants. Using dental implants to secure an appliance such as a dental bridge affords several key dental health benefits:

  • Reduced bone loss in the jaw
  • Secure, stable fit
  • Patients can eat and speak normally
  • No need for daily adhesives and concerns over slippage

Denture Materials and Maintenance

Denture teeth are made of either plastic or porcelain. Regular visits to your local family dentist will help make for a longer-lasting product and keep you from experiencing problems with your dentures. We can make sure they continue to fit comfortably and stay in good condition. However, just like regular teeth, dentures will have natural wear and your dentist will recommend when it’s time to replace or reline them.

Homecare is also important in the longevity of your dentures. Find out from the experts at Higson Dental Group how to best maintain and clean your dentures on your own and keep you from dealing with denture pain or other troubles. We can also help you with the denture selection process.

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Dentures & Partials: What to Expect

Dentures are custom-designed to your mouth for optimal comfort and function. At Higson Dental Group, we are an experienced Grande Prairie denture clinic in your area, able to help patients create a denture that not only looks like natural teeth, but fits comfortably and securely so they may speak and eat with confidence.

If patients choose to receive dental implant secured dentures, our team will help coordinate the phases of treatment. When you are looking for high-quality custom dentures near you, look no further than Higson Dental Group.

🦷How Much do Dentures Cost in Alberta?

A low-cost denture costs $300 to $500 per denture or $600 to $1,000 for a complete set of lower and upper dentures in Alberta.

These affordable dentures tend to be cold cured, a process that makes them considered temporary because of the lower-quality materials they use. These tend to look artificial and do not appear as natural as higher-quality, more expensive dentures.

Mid-priced (and better quality) dentures refer to heat-cured dentures that typically cost $500 to $1,500 per denture or about $1,000 to $3,000 for a complete set. These dentures look much more natural and are much longer-lasting compared to cool-cured or temporary dentures.

For a look at standard pricing on common dental practices including the cost of dentures in Alberta, visit the Alberta Dental Guide for Dental Fees.


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