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One of the first impressions people get from you is your smile, and if you aren’t pleased with the way it looks it can affect how you interact with people. Chipped teeth, cracked teeth, or misshapen teeth can all cause people to be displeased with their smiles. A great way to fix these problems is to go to your local dentist’s office near you for tooth contouring.

Tooth reshaping, also known as enameloplasty or tooth contouring, is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can address minor chips, cracks, unevenness, or length discrepancies in your teeth. A dentist uses a drill or laser to gently remove a small amount of enamel to achieve the desired shape. It is a fairly simple procedure where a dentist gently removes tiny amounts of enamel, the hard outer layer of teeth. This sculpting process refines the tooth’s shape to seamlessly match its neighbors, creating a balanced and aesthetically pleasing smile. Typically, dentists focus on the most visible teeth—the incisors and canines. But tooth contouring goes beyond just fixing chips! It’s a versatile procedure that can address various cosmetic issues:

  • Misaligned Teeth: Do your teeth overlap slightly? Contouring can correct minor crowding for a more even appearance.
  • Uneven Length: Are some of your teeth a bit longer than others? Reshaping can create a uniform smile line.
  • Rough Edges: Do your teeth have chipped or uneven enamel? Smoothing these imperfections creates a polished and refined look.

Beyond aesthetics, tooth contouring can even address minor bite problems by adjusting teeth that don’t meet properly. It can also be used for smile design, subtly shaping teeth to achieve a more “masculine” or “feminine” appearance, depending on your preference. At Higson Dental our experienced dentists provide tooth contouring services to people in and around the Grande Prairie area of Alberta.

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Teeth Contouring Before & After Photos

The teeth contouring before and after photos displayed below provide a clear glimpse into the benefits that tooth contouring and tooth reshaping can deliver to enhance your smile.


Why Would You Need Tooth Contouring?

There are a number of reasons why a person would want to book a tooth contouring appointment with a trusted dentist near them in their area. You may have chipped a tooth in a sports injury, a slip and fall, biting down on hard candy, or some other dental emergency. No matter what the cause of your chipped or broken tooth is, dental contouring can help soften its shape once again. Advantages of Tooth Contouring:

  • Improve your smile
  • No Surgery
  • No recovery time
  • It is painless
  • Has the potential to reduce the likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease
  • Bring congruency to your tooth line once again
  • Soften a sharp broken edge of a molar to avoid cutting your tongue or the inside of your cheek

How Does Tooth Contouring Work?

When you go to see your nearby family dentist they will have a consultation with you to determine if your tooth is a good candidate for tooth contouring or if it needs different restorative methods such as a dental crown, or a porcelain veneer. If your tooth only needs minor reshaping then it typically will be a good fit for tooth contouring. The dentist will then use gentle abrasive polishers of different grit to reshape the enamel of the tooth until it is satisfactory. The best part about tooth contouring is that no anesthesia is required and the procedure typically only takes between 10-30 minutes to complete.

How Much Does Teeth Reshaping Cost?

A common concern people have is the size of their front teeth when they see their reflection in the mirror. However, this issue can be easily addressed through dental procedures like teeth reshaping or dental contouring. Teeth reshaping cost and big front teeth reshaping cost anywhere from $50 – $100 per tooth. Our Grande Prairie dental team is available to address any inquiries you may have on teeth reshaping costs.

For a look at standard pricing on common dental practices, visit the Alberta Dental Guide for Dental Fees.


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