higson wisdom teeth removal alberta grande prairieWhat You Need To Know About Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the very back molars that come in typically when a person is somewhere between the ages of 17-21 years of age and have nothing to do with getting smarter. They are named wisdom teeth because they come in when you are almost an adult and thus more mature than when you get your other adult teeth, or so the theory goes. These four teeth, two uppers and two lowers, complete a person’s full set of 32 teeth, but not everyone has wisdom teeth. Only about 65% of the human population end up getting their wisdom teeth and amongst those almost half only get 1-3 of them.

There can be many complications that can occur when these teeth poke through in the back of your mouth, often leaving them needing to be removed. Wisdom teeth removal can be a fairly straightforward procedure, although at times can become complicated depending on the structure and placement of the tooth in need of removal. Here at Higson Dental Group, we offer wisdom teeth removal services to Alberta residents. Call us today if you are having trouble with your wisdom teeth. 780-532-4661

When to Get Wisdom Teeth Removed

When our Grande Prairie dental patients come in we are often asked if it is necessary to remove their wisdom teeth. The answer to this is, it depends. A great number of people get their wisdom teeth and have little to no complications with them and that is that, however, there are some common issues that can occur in wisdom teeth that would make it necessary to have them removed.

Common Wisdom Teeth Problems:

Impaction – this is the most common reason why wisdom teeth removal would be necessary. When the jaw is not big enough to accommodate the wisdom teeth it can cause them to shift and come in at improper angles causing pain or issues with the neighbouring molars beside. Impacted wisdom teeth almost always have to be removed.

Infection – because your wisdom teeth sit right at the back of your mouth where brushing and flossing can be a bit tricky cavities and tooth infections can be quite common. Removing infected wisdom teeth is typically the better option than trying to treat them or fill them.

Lesions – if the gum tissue around the wisdom teeth is negatively impacted by their presence it could be necessary to have your wisdom teeth removed.

Bone Loss – if the wisdom tooth doesn’t have enough bone structure around the root to stay healthy a dental surgeon in your area will recommend wisdom teeth removal as the best course of action.

Wisdom teeth pain can be quite unbearable which is why it is important to make an appointment with an experienced dentist near you if you are experiencing issues with your wisdom teeth. They will be able to treat the problem, give you something for pain relief, and set up an appointment for tooth extraction if necessary.

higson wisdom teeth pain removal albertaWisdom Teeth Removal Cost in Alberta

How much does it cost to have your wisdom teeth removed here in Alberta? The price figure is dependent on a few different factors.

  • Number of teeth being extracted – you don’t always have to get all four teeth out, sometimes only a troublesome one or two need removing
  • With or without anesthetic – it is your choice whether you are ‘put under’ for your wisdom tooth extraction or not
  • The complexity of the removal – if the tooth is severely impacted, at a strange angle, or has some other issue like being too close to nerve tissue such as the mandibular nerve it can cost more because the procedure will take longer

The cost of just the extraction will usually run somewhere between $160-$500 per tooth again depending on how complicated the extraction is. If you choose to have anesthesia for the procedure it will add about $120 to the cost per tooth. So the cost to have your wisdom teeth removed could be anywhere from $650-$2500. Here at our Grande Prairie dental office, we use the Alberta Dental Guide for Dental Fees when determining the price to charge for certain procedures. For the most accurate cost, it is best to speak with a qualified dentist near you about your specific wisdom teeth issues to better determine how much you would be looking at for a wisdom tooth removal procedure. Another thing to keep in mind, many dental insurance companies will cover at least part of this cost, although typically they do not cover anesthesia costs. Check your personal dental insurance plan to find out what their wisdom teeth removal coverage looks like.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Grande Prairie

Here at Higson Dental Group Grande Prairie, we are proud to be able to offer in-house wisdom tooth removal services to our patients in Grande Prairie, Fairview, Peace River, Beaverlodge, and more. Dr. Higson and Dr. Schamehorn handle all of our tooth extraction procedures that do not require anesthesia, and for the patients that would like to be put under for their wisdom tooth removal, an oral surgeon comes to our office once a month to handle those extractions. If you are having troubles with your wisdom teeth don’t wait until it’s an emergency, make an appointment with our family dental clinic where we can give you a thorough assessment of the best way to proceed. Contact our office today. 780-532-4661