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There are 12 terms in this glossary beginning with the letter C.


Also known as cuspid or eye teeth, there are two canines on each jaw, located third from the middle of the jaw on each side.

Canker sore

An ulceration in the mouth, often caused by trauma or acidic foods. Identified by a yellow base and a red border.


Also known as a cavity. A breakdown of the tooth, caused by bacteria.


Also known as a dental impression , this is a positive reproduction of the teeth. Casts are part of the denture making process.


Also known as dental caries, this is a hole or decay in the tooth.


Gluing a dental appliance or prosthesis to a tooth.


An anti-microbial agent that comes in gels and rinses, it is effective in preventing diseases of the gum.


The metal arm that extends from a removable partial denture, helping to anchor the denture by attaching to the natural tooth structure.

Cold sore

A form of herpes simplex virus, this is a blister or ulcer on the lip.


A non-metallic, white filling.


A misalignment of the bite between the upper and lower jaw, where the lower teeth align toward either the cheek or tongue more than the upper teeth.

Crown (porcelain/plastic/metal)

A crown is a cap placed on a tooth to restore its function and appearance. See: Dental Crowns