Dental Dictionary

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There are 9 terms in this glossary beginning with the letter D.


The destruction of the tooth enamel and dentin caused by bacteria-produced acid in the mouth. Must be treated by a dentist.


The branch of medicine involving the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of any disease concerning teeth, the oral cavity and its associated structures.


The development and arrangement of teeth in the upper and lower jaw.

Denture (Immediate/complete/partial) (overdenture/temporary)

An artificial replacement for teeth, gums and their neighbouring structures. There are many different types of dentures and options for treatment. See: Denture Services


A specialist who fabricates dentures but does not diagnose or provide any other dental treatment.


A treatment to reduce the sensitivity of teeth.


The identifying of dental disease.


A space or gap between two teeth.


An indication of direction away from the middle of the jaw.